Matthew Draws XXI - The Answers

Another Friday, another batch of answers. Were you right wrong? Are you amused or outraged? The next few minutes will be telling.

I started with this sexy morsel.

You had lots of guesses: Bruce Willis, Bryan Cranston, Christopher Walken, Ed Harris, Sting, Willem Dafoe, and “my elementary school principal, Dr. Ferlick.”  All good guesses, especially Dr. Ferlick, as any of the actors here mentioned would do an excellent job of playing a hard-nosed elementary school principal. I’m guessing Dr. Ferlick carried a glock and ended a hostage situation at least a time or two?

I also appreciated this little nugget of epistemological angst: “After a lot of staring, knowing I know, I just don’t know.”

Two of you were correct in identifying this grizzled and stony-eyed gentleman as Mr. Clint Eastwood.

For my second subject, I drew this:

One of you was correct, but not specific, in identifying her as “a black woman who sings.” Alas, Matthew Draws is neither horseshoes nor hand grenades.

Neither is this person Billie Holiday, Dionne Warwick, Mae West, Nell Carter, Oprah, Valerie Jarret, or Pink.

Three of you went out on the gender limb and suggested that this was a black MAN who sings, Bruno Mars. Alas, no.

No, this is none other than Ella Fitzgerald, as three of you correctly surmised.

Then I tried to draw a lovely young woman. It’s like Kryptonite for me. The smoother and prettier a lady is, the more impossible it is for me to do her justice. And yet I persevere. Because my failures seem to bring you joy. Or exquisite pain, which, apparently, produces similar amounts of pleasing endorphins.

Your guesses were noble, if misguided: Amanda Peet, Sarah Jessica Parker, Laura Dern, Pippi Longstocking, and Josh Groban’s sister, with a mullet.

Two of you decided to pick on Martina Navratilova, (“with a ‘stache” and “due for her lip waxing”).

Some of you went the man route: Jered Leto, Nicholas Cage (deranged), Weird Al Yankovic.

Some of you got creative, which always pleases me:

Whoa! Hot mustache.

A euphoric progr rocker from the seventies, high on life and drugs

A very mustachioed mulleted woman

A crazed soccer mom

Alas, none of you correctly guessed (which is ether a failure or success on my part, depending on how you look at it) that this is Sarah Silverman.

Apparently, I saved my most recognizable subject for last, as several of you guessed correctly.

But first, the misfires: Ben Affleck, Joey Fatone, Jonah Hill, Peter Jackson, Philip Seymour Hoffman, or “one of those guys from the Backstreet Boys after the band broke up and he gained 20 pounds”.

My favorite answer, to which I would award a huge cash prize if I didn’t prefer to keep my money for myself: “The 2013 Boston Red Sox roster.”

Several of you correctly identified Zach Galfianakis (though no two of you spelled his name the same way).

As for the bonus question…

If you could give one of these people a makeover, who would it be, and where would you start?

I would give #2 a clear gender.

I would have to ixnay the ulletmay on that woman.

I would perform surgery on #1 and separate his neck from his collar.

Sarah Jessica Parker. And I’d start with her entire face.

What’s up with spiky hair’s neck-collar? Unmorph that jazz.

The bottom guy. I’d shave him and tickle him to make him smile.

Combo maker of Clint and prog rocker. First item of business: hair extensions on Clint, created from locks harvested from prog rocker.

We are all beautiful in our own way, and Matthew’s drawings capture that beauty, every time. No makeover necessary.

To which I say, aw shucks. Is that you, Mom?

Takeaways from Matthew Draws 21:

This was not my worst effort, nor was it my best.

My drawings capture essential human beauty.

Must remember to draw line between neck and collar.

2 comments to Matthew Draws XXI – The Answers

  • Robbi

    I cannot tell you how much I love Matthew for doing Matthew Draws. Our marriage would have been over years ago if not for this.

  • Veronica

    Robbi, I also love Matthew Draws, but for different reasons. I figured out the Clint Eastwood thing JUST yesterday. After already posting my answers, dang it. And really. Sarah Silverman??? Pfffft. Zach G was my 2nd guess after Joey Fatone but you didn’t quite capture his curls and round face well enough. :)

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