Another Midnight Drawing

Here was this morning’s inbox treat.

For those of you who haven’t read yesterday’s post: Robbi has been drawing on her iPad when she’s up feeding August in the middle of the night. This little masterpiece is titled “The Man with Orange Thoughts.”

Many more to come, I’m sure.


  1. What app is she using? I loved the chickens. :-)

  2. Don – sorry for the late reply! I’ve been meaning to do a comparison of apps with a run-down of likes and dislikes (I downloaded a couple) but am frankly having so much fun with the one that I haven’t really gotten into the others. The one I’m using is called “Procreate” which is hilarious because that’s really the LAST thing I need to be doing right now. It’s only $4.99 and has some great features (which I will review, someday, I hope). (http://bit

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