Apple and Henny

For those of you who came here today looking for the results to the most recent Matthew Draws, I am sorry to say that you will have to wait another day. I have a business trip tomorrow (and an accompanying early morning rise) and so must now call it a day instead of spending the time and energy it would take to lovingly curate your many wrong guesses into an acceptable post.

Instead, I will share a gift that arrived in our inbox yesterday.

This is Vivien, a spirited and intelligent young woman with shocking red hair and outstanding taste in books.

Those of you familiar with both the Bobbledy Books oeuvre and the Jewish tradition will immediately understand the joke. For those not in the know, here is the information you need to decode the photo.

1) Robbi and I made a book called Henny Wampum Had a Really Big Head. (http://bobbledyshop

2) One of the most popular customs for celebrating the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah involves¬†dipping apple slices in honey, a practice which¬†stems from the “age-old Jewish tradition of eating sweet foods to express hope for a sweet new year.”

If mixing apples and honey is a sign of hope, I have to wonder about the desired effect of mixing apples and Henny.

Perhaps only Vivien knows.