The Daily Minute : 5.26.18

The Daily Minute: 5.26.18
In which Matthew recounts the spirited invasion of Chestertown including various skirmices, and Robbi reveals his kryptonite to anyone who hopes to defeat him in a skirmice.

The Daily Minute : 5.25.18

The Daily Minute: 5.25.18
In which Matthew attempts to create excitement around Chestertown’s annual celebration of fried clams, cannonballs, and historical reenactment only to be quashed by Robbi’s insistence on historical accuracy.

The Daily Minute : 5.24.18

The Daily Minute: 5.24.18
In which Robbi quotes a cheerful cheesemonger and Matthew is thoroughly stifled.

The Daily Minute : 5.23.18

The Daily Minute: 5.23.18
In which Matthew is walking hastily down the C concourse of BWI out of eagerness to be reunited with Robbi who, apparently, has made herself hideous in his absence.