Box the Third

Loyal, stalwart Idiots’Books subscriber (and Bobbledy club member, in spite of her adult status) Holly K recently sent us a letter of complaint. Along with this lovely photo.


Read below Holly’s unfiltered outrage (note that she uses some language that might not be appropriate for people who object to the word “Damn.”

In other news, your insistence on still churning out Idiotic books has forced me to invest in a third receptacle for my collection; as you can see I couldn’t find one to match the other two so INSTEAD had to reshuffle the whole system to maintain symmetry.  Damn you.

If Holly aimed to wound us with her vitriol, she did not succeed. In fact, we are delighted to have caused the occasion for a third box. And what lovely boxes. In spite of being an angry person, Holly has exquisite taste.

The lesson here: if you are determined to have sufficient matching boxes to contain your entire Idiots’Books collection from now until death do us part, we’d recommend investing in at least ten boxes now. Because, you see, we do not aim to stop any time soon.

Sorry, Holly.

And, thank you.

NOTE: In addition to being angry and tasteful, Holly is the creator of a delightful Web comic (http://www NULL.leagueoflostcauses, which you will now investigate.