As part of our preparations for the AWP conference next week in Washington, D.C., we’ve been making the first-ever Idiots’Books catalog, an 8-page summation of our various products and services with a little bit of sass thrown in for good measure. We’re still making tweaks and adjustments, but I thought you might like to see the cover.

We’ll post a PDF for download when we’re done with the rest.


  1. F A B U L O U S !!

  2. Love it.

  3. Snazzy!

  4. Brilliant. And lowbrow.

  5. seeing this cover made me realize why i like your work so much (well, one of the reasons – and aside from it’s general awesome qualities).

    when i was a kid, i was read and re-read several times a book called “The Mysterious Disappearance of Leon (I Mean Noel)” by Ellen Raskin. It was full of word illustrations in a similar style that sometimes provided clues to solving the mystery.

    the reprint doesn’t do it justice: (http://www
    the copy i had was bound in purple with goldenrod text.

    anyway, just wanted to share…

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