Weather Balloon Auction

Weather Balloon Auction

Hello, folks. For various reasons involving travel, fishing, writing things, drawing things, traveling some more, sleeping not enough, and then traveling, we put the art auction on hiatus for a few months. But now it has returned, along with a volley of blog posts (http://bobbledybooks with the wondrous global phenomenon of weather balloons.

Inspired by a weather balloon she found on the tundra in Alaska this summer, Robbi has been telling their story. And it is such an interesting one.

Robbi has been so fascinated by weather balloons of late that she decided to paint one. And then another and another and another.

Painting Weather Balloons

At this very moment, all over the earth, more than 1,000 balloons are floating up and up and up, doing their thing, letting us know how to plan for the weekend ahead.

Weather Balloons crop (http://robbiandmatthew NULL.jpg)

Here is a scan of the whole shebang, a gods-eye sideways glance at the collective ascent above a grateful planet.

Bellwether (http://robbiandmatthew NULL.jpg)

If you are so inspired, you may place your bid HERE (http://www NULL.ebay The auction ends at 9PM EST on Sunday, Sept. 20th. Which means you don’t have much time. So get to it. These suckers only stay in the air for so long.


New Auction: Honeymoon

New Auction: Honeymoon

Here we are: another month, another painting up for auction (http://www NULL.ebay

The theme of the month is rockets (http://bobbledybooks, and so Robbi’s options were somewhat limited. Here’s what she came up with. I’m rather fond of it.

IMG_4715 (http://robbiandmatthew NULL.jpg)

For those of you who do not live in the barn and are not, therefore, able to pick up the painting and peer at it closely, there are two figures in the painting, both dressed in green suits. One is looking (longingly?) out of the window of a rocketship. The other is blasting (gently?) through the vast recesses of empty space with the help of a jetpack.

rocket_crop (http://robbiandmatthew NULL.jpg)

There is some sort of dynamic in play, but I will leave it to each of you to draw your own conclusions as to what is going on.

Also, the painting features a planet. The planet is purple. It is riddled with various craters. This planet has had a rough go of it.

rocket_moon (http://robbiandmatthew NULL.jpg)

I told you I was going to let you decide for yourself what to make of this painting, but now I have changed my mind and am going to unload my theory on you after all. Robbi asked me to write a description of the painting, and it seems only fitting that I share it.

The wide, black universe their oyster, the newlyweds decide to settle near the lonely purple planet. While Stanley rocks his sweet new moves, Janet unwraps the salad spinner, lamenting that she had not instead registered for an additional jetpack. 

Which is why the painting is called “Honeymoon.” Here it is in all its finished glory.

rocket (http://robbiandmatthew NULL.jpg)

It can be yours, of course. Starting now and ending whenever someone splurges for the “Buy It Now” price of ,000,000, the auction will otherwise roll on until next Sunday evening.

PLACE YOUR BIDS HERE.  (http://www NULL.ebay

And click here ( to send lament-laden emails about how you have already been outbid.

Illustration Auction: Under the Sea

Illustration Auction: Under the Sea

I bring you today the second installment of the recently relaunched original illustration auction—along with some process pics that show you how it came to be.

First, Robbi drew a sketch. I don’t have a picture of it. You’ll just have to take it on faith. Next she traced the sketch with pen and ink.

1 (http://robbiandmatthew NULL.jpg)

But she was not happy with the mermaid’s face. As much as it resembled the sketch, it did not inspire delight. Robbi demands to be inspired and delighted at least seven times a day, and I am capable of inspiring and/or delighting only six times daily. And so, taking matters into her own hands, she cranked out another drawing, this time with a more delightful face.

2 (http://robbiandmatthew NULL.jpg)

To this drawing, she added gouache skin tones. And rosy red lips.

3 (http://robbiandmatthew NULL.jpg)

And then she painted the arm/fin things, adding just a bit of blue.

4 (http://robbiandmatthew NULL.jpg)

And then the gorgeous green hair. And the shiny iridescent scales. I wish you were here in the barn at this moment to see them with your own eyes. The camera does not do them justice. They sparkle. It is delightful. And inspiring.

5 (http://robbiandmatthew NULL.jpg)

Then Robbi added some color to the water, to the rocks, to the seaweed and the kelp. She wondered if the scene were complete.

6 (http://robbiandmatthew NULL.jpg)

But then she remembered the eyes. Though tiny and seemingly insignificant, the eyes make all the difference. Just a dab of white (especially against a colored background as this is) cause the eyes to pop, inviting us into that window to a mermaid’s soul. A place you want to visit, I assure you.

7 (http://robbiandmatthew NULL.jpg)

And then, with some degree of trepidation and against all better judgment, Robbi painted in the watery background and painted in a wash of lighter sky. She worried it would ruin the piece.

8 (http://robbiandmatthew NULL.jpg)

But I don’t think it did. Not at all.

If you find yourself delighted and/or inspired, this piece is open for the bidding over on Ebay until 10:00pm on Sunday, May 24.


Also, this drawing was inspired by this month’s Bobbledy Theme: Under the Sea (http://bobbledybooks Grab the kid in your life (or the kid in you) and head on over to the Bobbledy Blog (http://bobbledybooks to learn some stuff or share your stories or drawings of life below the surface.

The Auction Has Returned! – Rainy Night

The Auction Has Returned! – Rainy Night

Perhaps you have been discontent these past many months while the Bobbledy Books original illustration auctions have been dormant. Your long sad wait is over. The artist in question was recently inspired and has recommitted herself to producing one original painting or drawing or whatsuch each month, in keeping with the the current theme.

The current theme is rain, and so we give you this.

House in the Rain (http://bobbledybooks NULL.15 NULL.15_Rain NULL.jpg)

Because you are a the discerning sort, I know you want to have a closer look, so here you go.

House in the Rain (http://bobbledybooks NULL.15 NULL.15_Rain_detail NULL.jpg)

And because you are interested in framing and scale, for purposes of gauging long term value as Robbi continues her march toward prominence and fame, I will show you this photo with a thumb thrown in for reference.

House in the Rain (http://bobbledybooks NULL.jpg)

“But is it the thumb of a child or a giant?” you’re probably wondering. And although it is a reasonable question, I flatly refuse to answer.

What I will tell you that the reverse side of this painting contains various unfinished paintings of goldfish. Why? Because someone wasn’t paying much attention. And who could that be? I think you know.

Fish on the back (http://bobbledybooks NULL.jpg)

If you are intrigued (of course you are intrigued), I invite you to place your bid (http://www NULL.ebay The auction ends on Sunday, April 17 at 10:00pm EST. Why? Because that’s what the leading industry research suggests is the best time to end an auction.

And do we always heed the advice of leading industry research?

We do.

Auction: Oven Robot

Auction: Oven Robot

In honor of the Bobbledy robot week, here is the latest auction (http://www NULL.ebay

Buy it to fuel your dreams of conquest or buy it to frighten your children. It is an extremely versatile illustration.

Here are some process pics.

The initial sketch (which doubles nicely as a print-your-own coloring book sheet (for frightened children to color, of course).

Here is the pen-and-ink version before Robbi added color.

Here is Robbi painting the clouds and the sky.

Here is the chicken slowly roasting in the oven. 

I can almost taste the bubbling, crispy goodness.

And here is an up-close glimpse of the terror-stricken bird.

If you are still among the camp that thinks that Robbi is “cheerful,” “sweet,” and “nice,” I’m sorry to tell you, but this is a more accurate portrait of her inner landscape.

I rather like it.

Here’s that link again. Bid away (http://www NULL.ebay, friends. Bid away.


Auction: It Takes Two

Auction: It Takes Two

Super hero fans, here is your chance to be disappointed. Of all things that Robbi is, a Marvel illustrator she is not. And yet, in honor of this week’s Bobbledy theme of Comic Books, she did her best to capture that iconic moment when Superman and Spider Man gang up on a hapless pigeon and say “Powee!”

You remember the moment I’m talking about, right? Perhaps this will help jog your memory.

If you are inspired, bidding (http://www NULL.ebay is under way. If you are offended, by all means post your objections below.