The Daily Minute: 6.11.18

In which Matthew has a moment of self-awareness, tries (with earnest intent) to change his ways, but quickly reverts to the norm in shocking-yet-sadly-predictable fashion.  

The Daily Minute: 6.10.18

In which Matthew muses on the great unresolved question that plagues his every moment only to discover that Robbi already knows the answer.  

The Daily Minute: 6.9.18

In which Matthew channels his inner statistician, mistakes glass for coral, and tries (without much luck) to get Robbi to admit that she enjoyed going out to dinner with him.  

The Daily Minute: 6.8.18

In which Matthew is almost-but-not-quite able to access the good long cry that has been ballooning within him like a marshmallow in a microwave.  

The Daily Minute: 6.7.18

In which Matthew has the sobering realization that he is just one of Robbi’s many T-shirts.  

The Daily Minute: 6.6.18

In which, during the second take of the Daily Minute, Robbi discloses the same information that made her so forcefully object to the first version, reinforcing Matthew’s idea of her as a John Kerry-lovin’ flip-flopper.