Robbi has been drawing. Because of various recent high-pressure and time consuming events, the creative and production time for our next Bobbledy book has been compressed from the ideal time frame of roughly two months to about 10 days. And so Robbi has been spending 90 percent of her waking hours here at command central.

Robbi’s job is to sketch, ink, paint, and place approximately 40 drawings. And design a book for them to live in.

My job is to keep the kids fed and amused and otherwise stay out of the way.

Even though Robbi is technically present, I kind  of miss her. But she’s doing good work. 

The new Bobbledy book is called Even Ninjas Eat Asparagus. It features a star-studded cast. Including an opera singer.

A professional wrestler.

A racecar driver.

And King Kong, in various guises.

And asparagus-eating ninjas, of course, but Robbi hasn’t drawn those yet.

But maybe she will at some point in the night. It’s 11:oopm, and I’m going to bed.

Robbi’s day is just beginning.