Heading North

This afternoon, we head to NYC. Tomorrow is a very big day. At 11:00am we have a rather exciting meeting with a prominent member of the publishing community. We are not at liberty to say more at this time but will hopefully be able to fill you in later. At 2:00pm, we are meeting with a producer from the MSNBC show Your Business who is considering doing a piece on Robbi and me and our various creative” business” ventures (apparently, he is willing to take the word “business” with a grain of salt as it applies to us). At 4:00pm we arrive at the Society of Illustrators to set up our projector and make sure all the technology is in place. And at 5:30pm. we take the stage, delivering the keynote for the biannual Educator’s Symposium (http://www NULL.societyillustrators NULL.org/Events-and-Programs/Special-Events/2014/Educators-Symposium-2014---Schedule/Educators-Symposium-2014--Schedule NULL.aspx).

Like I said, a very big day. And so we are driving up this evening in hopes of getting a decent night of sleep without children or dog (who insists on having breakfast earlier and earlier these days).

For now, I will share two old photos I dragged off the server while hunting images Robbi needed for a project she is working on.

Here is two-year-old Kato, loaded for bear on Halloween night.

And here is four-year-old Alden, curly as can be in the pumpkin patch.

Yes, I am excited looking forward to the good things ahead. But I also take such pleasure at looking at the recent past. So much has happened in the last two years. So much will happen in the two to come. For now, stuck squarely in the elusive present, I think I’ll pack the car. I often take comfort in the mundane when stuck in that space between nostalgia and imagining what will be.


  1. I’m so excited for you guys!!!

  2. Exciting stuff! & Your strategy for maintaining sanity while whirling in that limbo between past & future (sometimes prosaically referred to as “the present,” I know) sounds solid, Matthew.