Hey Baby!

Hello! This is Tilly! I’m still here doing book related things with Matthew and Robbi, and I will be for a while, so expect more of me.

Today I went over to Washington College’s Literary House (http://lithouse NULL.washcoll NULL.edu/) to help our friend Jim, book connoisseur and printer extraordinaire, with the printing of Idiots’Books Volume 35.┬áThe work in progress is a broadside detailing the opportunities, or lack thereof, that any given baby can expect in the life ahead of them. The chart comes from Idiots’ Book Volume 32 (http://store NULL.idiotsbooks NULL.com/ProductDetails NULL.asp?ProductCode=IB032-01), Avoid Disappointment and Future Regret.

Jim has been practicing letterpress printing since the 80’s when he found an old Chandler Price press in a barn and asked someone what it was. I’ve practiced other forms of printmaking like etching, lithography, and offset, but I hadn’t yet tried letterpress. Jim showed me how to line up the registration marks, a tricky task involving miniscule adjustments that make a big difference. Once it was all set up, I handed Jim blank sheets and stacked the printed sheets in a pile. The yellow layer was printed successfully. Tomorrow it’s blue and then we still have to do a black layer, which will be the trickiest part to line up.

It was a joy to be back in a print-shop. After three semesters of offset printing, I knew I would miss the print-studio environment. I had been to the Lit. House only once before to see the Idiots’ mural (http://www NULL.thebarnstorming NULL.com/archives/2009/05/working_on_the NULL.html) when it was freshly finished. I’m glad I got to go back and make stuff in it.

Hurrah for printmaking!

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  1. Agreed, Tilly! Hurrah for printmaking!