A couple of midnights ago, Robbi woke up with a great idea. What she saw in her head was not only going to be an amazing drawing, but it had the potential to change the world. She grabbed her iPad, picked up her stylus, and proceeded to draw.

By the next morning, she had forgotten the entire episode. But when she turned on her iPad, she found this on the screen.

For those of you not well versed in the language of midnight Robbi, this says “iTuba.” Apparently, Robbi’s revolutionary idea was a tuba that played itself. Apparently, though, writing out the name of her fabulous invention had completely wiped her out. And so the world had to wait for enlightenment.

For another night, at least.

The next night, Robbi found herself inspired anew, and, picking up where she’d left off, proceeded to draw iTuba to the best of her memory.

She tells me that the version above pales in comparison to the magnificence of the original, but I’m still glad she decided to draw it.

My world, for one, has been changed. At least a little.