Learn From the Master

It’s been a long time since poor Iggy has gotten any mention on the blog. She used to be such a headliner (shown here in her breakthrough role in “The Wrestler”) –


– but as with all starlets, middle age has set in and she’s not getting as many calls from the studio execs anymore. Though she puts on a good face at red carpet events, there are times she can’t hide her crippling envy for the new ingenue.


Recently, Iggy decided to take back the spotlight. She chose her moment carefully, when the unsuspecting new girl was triumphantly wielding her latest in a long string of prizes.


There’s really nothing more demoralizing than seeing someone with less talent be awarded the prize. In that sense, Iggy’s next move was totally justified.


Beyoncé and Kanye (http://www NULL.mtv NULL.com/news/articles/1621389/20090913/west_kanye NULL.jhtml) could learn a thing or two from The Iggs.

Alden took it all in stride, picking up another prize for, let’s face it, another lackluster performance.


She approached Iggy with yet more “proof” of her talent, taunting her mercilessly.


A mighty struggle ensued.



Unfortunately for Iggy, the leading man suddenly arrived on the scene and intervened. Kanye could learn a thing or two from Matthew.


Though the prize was quickly won, it was just as quickly forgotten.
And somehow, it looks like the girl managed to get exactly what she wanted.


I suppose with age comes wiles. There is just so much to learn. The first lesson, which Alden has clearly embraced, is to take full advantage and learn from the Master (while keeping her on a short leash).