New Auction: Beaver Party

As the beaver theme continues over on the Bobbledy Blog, Robbi has created a new illustration for you. At least it could be for you if you’re feeling inspired.

The auction rages over at Ebay, and by rages, I mean that you could currently own this festive scene of playful beavers for a mere $11.01. Perhaps things will pick up and perhaps they won’t. That’s the fun of the auction.

And speaking of fun, today is the first ever KID QUIZ over at Bobbledy. Think you know beavers? Well put that hard-won confidence to the test. Five brain-splitting multiple choice questions (http://www NULL.bobbledybooks followed by one short answer question.

We’re so excited about KidQuiz that Robbi designed a special banner for it.

Here’s the quiz (http://www NULL.bobbledybooks

Did we mention that there is a prize for the best submission/response to the theme of the week? Don’t you love prizes? Don’t your kids?

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  1. I’ve been away and so, as usual, am behind on these blog posts of yours. But I just want to say, here on your non-pediatric blog, that my junior year of college, I received an award from the Art Dept of my non-Williams, but still small-liberal-arts alma mater called “The Beaver Prize for outstanding something-or-other”. It took its name from some long-dead alumnus’surname. The Art Dept refused to change the name of the prize in spite of the administration’s repeated requests because it made them laugh.