New Auction: Knitting Skeleton

Robbi’s latest strange drawing/painting is now available for auction (http://www NULL.ebay

Here’s a shot from the painting table, as the gouache was still drying on the paper.

Created as a prompt for this week’s Bobbledy writing prompt, this knitting skeleton was the inspiration for a bunch of wonderful stories. If you have a few minutes, you might get a chuckle out of reading them (http://www NULL.bobbledybooks

Or if you are impatient to lay down some cold, hard cash, here’s the Ebay link (http://www NULL.ebay

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  1. At the risk of appearing to only comment about breasts regardless of the original post’s content, I feel it behooves me to encourage Robbi to do as artists have done for centuries: study human anatomy. I fear she’s confused about the word “breastbone,” imagining it to mean that underlying each soft globe lies a conical calcification giving it its distinctive shape. W/o a spritely bounce & a seductive sway, breasts would be meaningless (well, except for that whole feeding-your-young thing). Save the ta-ta’s! (Where’s that pink ribbon icon? There’s gotta be one around here somewhere.)