New Sheriff in Town

We leave the Barn at the crack of dawn tomorrow. But the Barn will not be empty. Not by a long shot. Friend, subscriber, MFA candidate, poet, portrait of competence, and all-around excellent person Emma Sovich will be living in the Barn and running the show. In addition to filling orders, handling correspondence, and waving the Idiots’ banner, Emma will be chiming in on these pages. We have given her full reign to talk to you as she sees fit. Here she is.

Isn’t she great?

If I may brag on our intern for a minute, Emma is a past winner of the Sophie Kerr Prize (http://lithouse NULL.washcoll, awarded each year by Washington College to acknowledge the work of the most outstanding writer in the graduating class. She is also the managing editor of the Black Warrior Review (http://blackwarrior NULL.webdelsol at the University of Alabama. I just learned that Tuscaloosa, where U Alabama is, means “black warrior” in some Native American tongue. Which means that you probably just learned this, too.

But I digress. The point of this post is Emma. EMMA! I can’t wait to hear what she has to say.

Please join me in welcoming her to Idiots’Books.


  1. Yaaaay! Hi, Emma!

  2. Hi there, Emma.

    Pssst, while they’re gone, go through all the drawers and cupboards and report the scandalous details here. Fun entertainment for us, and a possible hike in readership for which you can take credit. ;-)

  3. Happy trails!

  4. Sweet! I love Emma!

  5. Go Emma go! Have a great time. Let us know if you need anything. Some us of are not far from the barn.