News From the Front

Alright. You haven’t heard much from me lately. I’m on sabbatical, after all. And what does this mean?

Well, a whole lotta this:


And yes, a fair amount of this:

junk food

While Iggy does this:


That’s pretty much what my days have looked like, all day, every day, for the past month.

There are occasional times when I have to go pick up my eldest child from school. I usually bring Iggy along, which means that sometimes when I am trying to take a photo of my child joyfully skipping along the sidewalk, I instead take a bunch of pictures that look like this:


The moments with my kids are so rare these days that sometimes I indulge in a longer stop than usual at the climbing tree on the way home:

tree climbing

And then when I get home, I force them to help me with my work, just so I can steal a few more extra minutes:

Photo shoot

And then I rush back down the street to my computer and my many waiting projects with a little bit lighter heart, and a renewed sense of purpose to do a whole lotta this:

kick ass

Wish me some ass-kicking luck. This sabbatical thing is not all it’s cracked up to be.


  1. Go Robbi! Hang in there! You can do it! (Is that encouraging enough?) Btw, your talents amaze and inspire me. Keep it up.

  2. Oh man, thanks Adrian! That is MOST encouraging. I will stop crying now. Thank you.

  3. What Adrian said.

    Plus, you are the most ass-kicking woman I know.
    Yes, dry those tears and carry on!

  4. I can only assume that the ninja drawing is a self-portrait to remind you that you are indeed bad ass and capable of great things. Rock on.