Place of Honor

Our friend Chloe likes Robbi’s illustrations. A lot. It’s really flattering. On what basis do we make this claim? Chloe has won the erstwhile weekly art auction more than any other single human being. (I believe our friend Sarah is a close second.) Also: when the art auction was a regular thing, we would get frequent emails from Chloe cursing us for posting such appealing art for auction. Chloe would curse us and then bid up the price of illustrations to a level surpassing our wildest expectations. I would like to say that we stopped posting weekly art for auction out of a sense of guilt that feeding Chloe’s habit would result in her kids not getting enough to eat. But this is not true. We just got busy.

What made me think of this today was receiving a message from Chloe, to which she attached various photos of Robbi’s illustrations prominently displayed on the wall . . . of her bathroom.

Cat and Robot

Otter in Water

Hungry Birds (not to be mistaken with the angry ones)

Sloth on a Recumbent Armchair Bike

And a print of Castle with Beach Balls, which Robbi sold as a fundraiser for Chestertown’s children’s art space, KidSpot.

I can’t tell if being thus surrounded by Robbi’s work while attending to one’s most intimate business would be a relaxing or upsetting experience. Art is, after all, terrifically subjective.

We choose to interpret Chloe’s choice of home gallery space as the ultimate honor.

At the same time, we can’t help but notice that there seem to be a few square inches of the bathroom wall that are not yet covered with illustrations. Which means there are economic opportunities afoot.

Which means we’ll probably revive that auction soon.


  1. Is this a challenge? A call to arms? (Or to wallets?) Because, if so, I say…BRING IT.

  2. Damn, I love the otter and the sloth. Apparently I was asleep at the switch when they were offered.
    Nice loo, Chloe.

  3. I still haven’t quite forgiven myself for not staying in the game on the Cat and Robot picture.