Something New on the Bobbledy Blog

Hello all, 

While you all sit there reveling in the cozy afterglow of reading the answers to Matthew Draws 17, I want to take a moment to tell you about the big changes happening over on the Bobbledy Blog.

Starting last Sunday, we are trying something new, which is to organize each week of posts around a theme, something like mountains or snowflakes or antelopes or planets or engines, and throughout the week, we’ll post about that theme, sometimes information, sometimes stories or pictures, sometimes prompts and quizzes. The idea is to give kids (and interested grownups) a chance to 1) learn something, 2) make something,  3) see what other kids are making and, most importantly, 4) have fun.

Here’s how the week is going to work:


We announce the theme and tell you a little bit about whatever it is we’re focusing on. For example, if the theme were “planets,” we might tell you that there used to be nine of them and now there are eight. We might include a photo of Saturn. We might link to a video in which all of the planets join together to sing “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” in eight-part harmony while Pluto sits there gently weeping.

Here’s the post introducing the theme of this week (http://www NULL.bobbledybooks


Matthew will post a story about the theme. If the theme were “earthquakes,” he would write a story about an earthquake. It would probably be a story that ends well, since this is a blog for children. Kids will be invited (and encouraged) to submit their own stories about earthquakes in the comments field (so that everyone can see them right away)

Here’s Matthew’s story for this week (http://www NULL.bobbledybooks A few kids have already posted their stories. Feel free to join in. It’s perfectly ok for non-kids to take a gander at story making.


Robbi will post an illustration from Matthew’s story. For example, if the theme were “ice cream,” Robbi’s drawing would probably include the world’s largest ice cream sundae, even if Matthew’s story had been about the world’s smallest ice cream sundae. Because Robbi is nothing if not a rebel. Kids would then be invited (and encouraged) to post their own drawings of ice cream in the comments field (so that everyone can see them right away). Also: Robbi’s illustration will be posted for auction.

Robbi’s beaver drawing will go up at 12:30 pm today, Tuesday, January


We will post a quiz with questions related to the theme. For example, if the theme were “volcanoes,” we might ask where the world’s largest volcano is to be found, or the approximate temperature of molten lava, or how many active volcanoes there are in the world. Kids would then submit their answers and find out right away if they were right (instead of waiting days and days for us to respond).


This is something entirely new: a day just  for parents.

Parents’ Roundtable

Every other Thursday, we will be posting Parents Roundtable, a forum for discussion of real issues surrounding parenting. We’ll post a question or topic and you will have the chance to share your ideas and experiences with other parents of kids in the Bobbledy Club. I know for a fact that there are a lot of smart, thoughtful, amazing parents in our midst. We think it’s high time that we started talking.

Kid Reviews from Kidskel and Weebert

On the other Thursdays, we will be posting reviews of books we love, with Alden (Kidskel) and Kato (Weebert) providing the ratings and commentary. Harsher critics the world has never known. Unless there are garishly colored ponies included, in which case the thumbs point straight up.


We will be presenting a mash-up of our favorite kid-submitted content from throughout the week. We’ll award a prize for the week’s best submission. In addition to fame and the accompanying feelings of self-worth, the winner will receive a personalized certificate and a archival print of the week’s illustration.


Will be a day of rest. Or a day of catching up.

And that’s that. We’ll see how it goes. Please come join in the fun!