That’s Entertaining

We at Idiots’Books are not in the habit of showing the cover of Entertainment Weekly, but this week we are compelled to do just that. And not merely on account of the fetching and humorous women featured on this week’s issue.

No, our motives are far more selfish than that. You see, this week’s EW contains a holiday gift guide featuring books of various types. Perhaps you are interested in this fine periodical’s take on the best pop culture books of the season? Well then, have a read.

But perhaps your tastes are more literary. If this is this is the case, why not sample a newly illustrated version of The Hobbit, or a multimedia edition of The Little Prince voiced by Viggo Mortensen. Or what about a modest volume by Matthew Swanson called…

And this is where we stop and issue a nice loud WTF. There, amid Bilbo and Tintin is Ten Thousand Stories (http://store NULL.idiotsbooks NULL.asp?ProductCode=IB003-01).

This strange ride gets ever stranger and more wonderful.

We’re honored to be included in the magazine, and even more so to appear in the issue curated by Tina and Amy. Though we’re a little miffed by their obvious rip-off of our Idiots’ redaction style. As shown.

For those of you who do not know, the sassy redaction has been a staple of Idiots’Books since our very first letter, sent back in the fall of 2006 and continuing through the introduction to the Chronicle edition of Ten Thousand Stories (shown here).

I write something thoughtful and earnest, and Robbi comes along and savages with her bright red pen. She justifies her action by citing pursuit of truth.

I just think she’s mean.

Thanks, Entertainment Weekly, for including us in such good company.

As for Herge and Viggo and Amy and Tina, so sorry you had to slum it this week. We’re guessing that this will be our one and only moment in your midst.


  1. HOLY CRAPOLY! That’s amazing! That’s huge! That’s exciting! (All things I dream about saying to Mr. Right when I finally meet him.)

    But really, lest you get carried away, who cares? I want the answers to Matthew Draws!!!!!!!

  2. Nice to see you two getting all the amazing attention and accolades you deserve! What a nice holiday treat!

  3. This is so cool! you guys totally deserve it!

  4. Yeah. Agree with Don. Matthew Draws please!! (but really, EW??? That is awesome!)

  5. Aleta: There was one less than two of them “getting… attention and accolades” in said issue of ‘EW.’ As I feel certain Robbi is well aware, the role of illustrator not meriting a name, merely the wordsmith (altho I am pleased, if not surprised, to see the Idiots hitting the big time).

    I’m w/ Don in wanting those finals graded promptly. My allowance depends on a good score (not that you should allow that to sway your grading O.O)

  6. This is so awesome. YOU GUYS, you are rocking a lot of worlds!!!!!