The Mysterious Package, Part the Third (and Final)

In today’s post, we will conclude the mystery of the mysterious package. For those of you who are just tuning in, a week ago we got a package containing two mysterious envelopes.

When we opened the package, we were confronted by two envelopes labeled #1 and #2. Upon opening #1, we were thwarted by a bold-faced entreaty not to open letter #2 until we had completed a crossword puzzle. This, of course, stopped us in our tracks.

But yesterday, we somehow summoned the necessary courage, resolve, patience, wisdom, and time needed to complete the thing.

According to the instructions, once we were done with the puzzle, we were to sequence the words to create an important message. This we did.

Because we are the sort of people who crave (and therefore seek) affirmation, we started with the word “yes” and went from there.

Before long, we had it figured out.

Our friend Don. Had contrived a mysterious, wonderful way to announce his intentions to sign on for another year of Idiots’Books.

Per the instructions, once the mysterious message had been decoded, we were to proceed to opening envelope #2. The excitement? Palpable.

Inside? Cold cash, baby. The only thing that Robbi loves more than she loves me.

Envelope #2 also contained this letter, which might, in my opinion, be worth more than the $40.

Let’s have another look at that cat. I don’t love the I Can Haz Cheezburger meme, but I do love this big fat, snagglytoothed cat. I love him so much.

And we love you, Don, for creating this fun puzzle for us. And for giving us fodder for not one, not two, but three full blog posts.

Dis is OUR Happee Faces



  1. YAY!!!!! I knew you could do it. Or, at least, I was reasonably confident. Glad you figured it out. And that you are pleased with cold hard cash. As you should be; that’s what America is all about. :-) Thank you for everything!!!!!

  2. I’d know that hearty-Don signature anywhere. Yet again You. Are. Famous, my friend.

  3. Oh goodness. I will now be printing out yer happy faces photo to put on my fridge, but first I shall drop it into Illustrator and put that meme business right on it. Most excellent indeed. Your friend and stalwart supporter, Don has given us all a fine gift!

    Also, the ante keeps getting upped for subscription renewals. Clearly I need to get some game because I have only canine dependents and more free time to muck about than I have sense. Game on!