The Mystery Letter Saga Continues

Again, apologies for the delay. We posted last week about receiving a package that contained two mysterious letters, but then we left you hanging, and several of you have been rather vocal in sharing your displeasure. Frankly, we’re touched that you care. But we will not squander that good will by torturing you further.

After several days of wanting to open the first envelope, we finally did, eager for clarity. But almost instantly, we were stopped in our tracks, having been trained since early childhood to pay extra attention to the word “stop,” especially when it is presented in all caps, and especially when it is red.

Apparently, we were only to stop so long as it took to read the first line of instructions, which suggested that our task was to complete a crossword puzzle.

Alas, crosswords are not our strong suit. Robbi tried really, really hard.

And I tried really, really hard to help Robbi.

As of the last update, Robbi had worked through three of 14 clues. Which is to say, I’m not going to hold up publishing this post while we wait for her to finish. We’ll hack away at this thing over the next couple of days and will do our best to finish by the end of the week, lest you have to spend another weekend in agony.

I can tell you what, apparently, happens when we complete the crossword. It’s rather complicated, but perhaps you’re more clever than we.

More soon, friends. More soon. And if I don’t post soon enough, I trust that you will feel no qualms about reminding me.



  1. Are those instructions for the new, simplified 1040ez tax return?

    Oh, & the answer to 3 Down “Dolts; dunces; simpletons” is “idiots.”

  2. Idjits. I’m glad you updated us on your progress. Also, I’d say you have the most interesting correspondents ever by paper I mean. We lazy bums who stick to internet messages are not nearly as interesting as these snail mail folks.