The Ultimate Tribute

This just in, via email, from Idiots’Books subscriber Zac, who paid us the ultimate compliment by framing the entirety of IB Volume 42, This is Not a Book (I cannot link to our store here, because the book sold out so fast we never had a chance to create a product page).

Making art is like starting a conversation with people who are in another room. You prepare your thoughts and send them forth, in this case, in the form of a stack of letterpressed prints that we sent out in an envelope.

Usually we hear nothing in return. Sometimes we get nice emails that say things like, “Nice job!” or “I had a good chuckle over that one.” or “What in the hell was that all about?” And we enjoy these responses, whatever their form, because they close the loop, letting us know that the message was received.

This photo from Zac (attached to an email titled “This is Not an Email”) is the ultimate reply. He completed the loop, he paid us a compliment, he honored the work, and he added his own layer of art to it—the choice of the frames, the arrangement of the pieces.

As much as it pleases me to think anyone reads the stories I write and send out in the world, the idea that our prints will spend their days on Zac’s walls for all to see (I’m assuming Zac is an incredibly popular, social person who has hundreds of guests over the course of a year) makes me particularly gratified.

So thanks, Zac, for sharing this photo. And for anyone else who sees our stuff and feels compelled to continue the conversation, please know that we will welcome it gladly.

Even if your response is to send us a photo of our book beneath the too-short fourth leg of your wobbly table. Art’s value and function, after all, is for each of us to interpret as we choose.


  1. Thanks, Idiots’Books! As always, you create wonderful art that SHOULD be displayed. This year, I’m expecting in the thousands for visitors, but I will be sure to have each guest stop at this wall and tell me how they feel when looking at it. There will be a guestbook for them to sign afterward.

    Thanks again!


  2. I was thinking to do the same thing! This is the best book yet.