True Fan

Idiots’Books subscriber Tara Scherner de la Fuente (no joke) has just moved across the country, taking all of her belongings to the Pacific Northwest to start a new chapter in her life. Being a woman of letters, she took a lot of books. Boxes and boxes, each one heavier than the last. Moving the books was a sacrifice—an act of loyalty and love.

And when she got to her new apartment and set up her bookshelf and prepared to set up her library on the far coast, where did she begin? What was the very first book she removed from the boxes and placed on the shelf?

 In case you are unfamiliar, it is none other than Nasty Chipmunk (http://store NULL.idiotsbooks NULL.asp?ProductCode=IB023-01), our tribute to the unappreciated virtues of profound unpleasantness.

In honor of Tara’s ultimate compliment, we have slashed the cover price of Nasty (http://store NULL.idiotsbooks NULL.asp?ProductCode=IB023-01) for a limited time, that others may get a taste of this slender volume and all it’s cringe-inducing wisdom. 

Which is to say, if you’ve been hoping for discounts on any of our other titles, all you have to do is move across the country, put that book on your new bookshelf, snap a photo, and send it our way. We’re not easy, but we are susceptible to flattery.

Which is to say, thank you Tara. May Nasty enjoy his new home. And you yours.