Where Is My Chicken?

Hello, friends. It gives me great pleasure to announce that the latest collaboration between Bobbledy Books and the artist currently known as Drew Bunting has officially launched. Where is My Chicken? (http://bobbledyshop NULL.com/products/where-is-my-chicken) is here, and has already landed in the mailboxes of small people all over the world.

Album Front

Where is My Chicken? (http://bobbledyshop NULL.com/products/where-is-my-chicken) is not an ordinary children’s album. Oh no. It is everything  you thought a children’s album should be but were afraid to hope for.

The title track features a shredding metal guitar.

Track two Prunes and Fish offers the most artful use of the word “gorgonzola” you will ever hear in a song, children’s or otherwise. 

Track three, (I Woke  Up With a) Cracker in My Pants ranks among my top five songs of all time, by any artist, and when I say “any artist” I’m including Lionel Ritchie and the Spice Girls, so please know I mean business.

Cracker is a Beastie Boys inspired rap duet performed by Drew and co-conspirator Brian Slattery, another friend of ours from college who has spent the past 16 years since graduation becoming ridiculously proficient in fiddle, banjo, guitar, and, more recently, rap.

Cracker is the gripping chronicle of a young man who wakes up one morning to find a goldfish cracker in his underwear. If you were once a young man, you will, perhaps, identify with this crisis. If you live and breathe and have a pulse, you will enjoy the ensuing tale. I have yet to play Cracker for any person of any age without them falling into fits of laughter so intense that they risk ending up with something else in their pants. 

We are so confident that you will love Cracker that we are including it here for your listening pleasure.


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If you are at work, maybe stick a rag in your mouth so that you don’t irritate the people around you. Unless you work for a progressive company that allows laughing and dancing in the workplace, in which case, turn up your speakers and start a movement.

As for the album itself, Drew spent the better part of eight months writing nine songs, and then, when the time came to record, we flew Brian across the country to Milwaukee, where Drew lives for the time being, to sit in the basement for three days and make magic happen while the tape ran.

We weren’t there, but we imagine it looked something like this.

Chicken Band

If you don’t know, Drew is at the top with the Banjo. Brian is down below on the drums. Did I mention that he learned how to play drums just so he could play them on this album?!

Those three small people are, from top to bottom, Elijah, Eddie, and Leo. We fully expect all three to emerge into extraordinary people just like their fathers.

The two yokels in the upper left need to get a life.

I think I already said it, but there are nine tracks on Where is My Chicken?  (http://bobbledyshop NULL.com/products/where-is-my-chicken)

In addition to the ones I’ve already mentioned, there is the gorgeous Ducks on the Millpond, elevated by Brian’s Malian-style guitar contributions. There is the wild, energetic Daddy Sat on the Potty Seat in which a father with temper control issues attacks a toilet with a reciprocating saw and a moving motor vehicle. There is the old-time fiddle tune Georgia Railroad in which Drew takes liberty with the lyrics and Brian must surely have set his fingers on fire during the recording session. There is the epic rock ballad Hiccups in which the beleaguered narrator strives in vain to rid himself of that beloved, yet involuntary, spasm of the diaphragm and respiratory organs. And then there is Mole in the Ground, an old folk song so lovely and entrancing that you will alternately swoon and weep.

Drew and Brian are one another’s perfect complement, Drew’s lovely voice in dialogue with Brian’s expert clawhammer. I feel lucky to know these guys and even luckier that they took the time to make another album for us. 

Album Back

I recently had the pleasure of sliding hundreds of copies of Where is My Chicken? into several hundred envelopes along with several hundred letters and several hundred liner notes.


If you are lucky enough to someday own a copy of this album (and by “lucky,” I mean shrewd enough to wander over to the BobbledyShop (http://bobbledyshop NULL.com/products/where-is-my-chicken) and plunk down a paltry $10 in exchange for hours and hours of listening pleasure), you will also receive a copy of the liner notes, written by Drew and illustrated by Robbi (and, I should add, neatly folded by yours truly).

Liner Notes

Perhaps you have a child. If so, your child will enjoy this album. But even if you don’t have a child, this music is fantastic and original and smart and funny and beautiful and sad and true. If you know Drew’s work, you know that it is amazing. If you don’t, you should be excited this morning to have made a new discovery.

I feel awkward pitching our own work on this site. But I will stand up loudly and say with no hesitation that the answer to Where is My Chicken? should be In My CD Player, Computer, or Portable Listening Device.

Do the right thing (http://bobbledyshop NULL.com/products/where-is-my-chicken), people.

And if you didn’t do it before, listen to (I Woke Up With a) Cracker in My Pants for free HERE.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here (http://www NULL.adobe NULL.com/shockwave/download/download NULL.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash&promoid=BIOW). You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

And if you have a child in the 3-7 year range and have always wanted to join the Bobbledy Club, or if your Bobbledy Club membership has expired, or you just want to support artists and get some cool stuff in exchange, why not sign up (http://bobbledyshop NULL.com/products/bobbledy-books-club)? If you do so today, your very first mailing will be this album.


  1. LMAO, you guys. Srsly … tears from laughing so hard! Thank you!

  2. Gotta have it, cuz one of Drew’s songs (from some other exposure via you guys) is on my studio faves playlist and I paint to it regularly. I guess you could say he informs my work. ;-)