While I Was Sleeping

Robbi and I are creatures of different rhythms. I am early to bed, early to rise. She is never to bed never to rise. Which means we are like ships in the night. Which means while I saw logs, she makes magic with her pen.

So this is what I got to see in my Instagram feed this morning.

Inking, on light table, using original sketch as reference.

Inking complete. Contemplation of all that has gone right and all that can still go wrong when paint is applied.

Pausing briefly to register that white stripes have been applied to beach ball and nothing has yet gone wrong. Indulging in delusion that the painting is somehow “perfect” as is and therefore complete before realizing that this is fear-induced hogwash and deciding to push forward.

Painting complete. A glance at the clock suggests that it is now 3:15 a.m. and time for bed.

I love this illustration, and not just because it’s inspired by my story (http://www NULL.bobbledybooks NULL.com/writing-prompt-castles/) about the boy and the castle with the moat full of beach balls.

I’m suspecting that a few of you are also interested in placing a bid. Here’s the link. (http://www NULL.ebay NULL.com/itm/121292829575)

But I warn you, I’m going to be hard to beat.


  1. It’s comforting to know (if somewhat petty of me) that Robbi experiences the same level of I Really Like It So Far, But It Could All Go Horribly Wrong W/ the Next Step dread at each new stage of an artwork that I do. While there is something to be said for minimalism, there’s probably more to be said for pushing thru that fear into previously unexplored territory. Plus, there’s nothing like the sleep of satisfaction. Given Matthew’s appreciation for Robbi’s talents & work habits, I suspect that AM’s after these kind of feverishly productive nights feature lots of Let’s Take the Kiddos Elsewhere & Tread Gently for the Beast Slumbers.

  2. Stu: Your description of my morning is uncanny. Were you hiding under the couch or something?